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My son is turning 5. We live in a very rural area, but I want to do something fun for him. Should I have his party at McDonald's or something or should I just take him and a few of his preschool friends to Chucky Cheese (which is like 2 hours away)?

Also, how do you go about putting together a party at McDonald's if that's what I were to do?|||Call Mcdonalds. It isn't that expensive. They get to play and they get their happy meals and a cake and the "party" room if they have one. I did that for my daughters 6th birthday party. They had a blast!! Chuck E Cheese seems so far away for you. It would be difficult keeping a couple of preschoolers occupied on the drive. They'd get cranky and tired. Oh and at Mcdonalds they take a picture of the birthday kid. Good Luck!!|||have the party at our house....he is 5. Have a circus theme party and serve popcorn, cotton candy, etc and play goofy'll be fun and less expensive. You can "sell" hot dogs and peanuts...|||Personally, I'd probably do it at home. Then it's cheaper and you can provide foods he likes and play some party games. I don't think I'd go somewhere 2 hours away. He might not have many guests if you did that.|||I would just do McDonald's with some hats, a cake, and let the kids play. That's all they want.|||Do it at home.|||Do you have a bowling alley? It's cheap and fun (if they have bumper bowling or kid's balls.|||If you opt for the McDonald's party, there is nothing to do except contact them and set up the time. They may need to know how many children, but i dont think so, because the kids will pick their happy meal once there. The staff will bring out the cake.
A party at home could be just as fun as another question for home party suggestions and games.|||I would do it at McDonald's. Chuck E Cheese always schedules like 5 parties at the same time and that is just a mess. They are horrible when it comes to kid's parties because they almost always overbook themselves. Then you only get like half a table! AHH! They did that everytime I've gone to a birthday party there. There were ppl from other parties all over me. I couldn't stand it. It was so crowded.

If the McDonald's your planning to go to is anything like the one I live near they'll have the employees play games with the kids, they also have the play area, you don't have to clean up, the cake is included, and they will bring you your food you don't have to wait in line for it.|||do it in the zoo childreen will love it. But it's kind a expensive.|||I wouldn't go to chuck E Cheese...that's an awful long way to go with 5 year olds and you would need a lot of supervision for each kid...and most parents would not be willing ot go that far.

If yo uwant to go to McD's just call them and they will take care of eveything and let you know what you need to do...and kids love McD's!
Have fun|||I'd probably do it at home too and come up with a cool theme (pirates, cowboys, etc.). We live in a rural area too and have most of our parties at home for our 6, 4, and 2-year old boys.

One thing that we did for my son on his 4th birthday, which was awesome because he loves Thomas the Tank Engine, was take him on an excursion train. You might want to check and see if there are any scenic railroads in your area. They might be able to set you up with a birthday party package. Scenic railroads are great for young boys cause they're not quite old enough yet to do a lot of hiking, biking, camping, etc. and it's a combination of active and passive activity.|||Try having it at a local park,call and make reservations.Kids can tear up your house,and atleast at a park,then they can room free should have a theme,probably your kids favorite cartoon character.You should look into a moon bounce at like a party store,and try to see if your husband/someone would dress up as a clown or something!The kids would love that!!!!I don't think McDonald's will be that fun since they don't have the balls anymore ever since that law good luck!Or another really good idea would be to have a pirate party!!!!Someone could dress up as a pirate,and you guys could have a walk the plank that they could walk across(just secure a board above a little tyke pool.)Or you could play musical islands,and use hula hoops!!!!and for the music you can play ocean sounds...the kids would love it!!!!! For snacks you can have goldfish in bowls on every table,they're good for them,and fun!Good luck!!!!!!|||kids would have just as much fun at Mc Donalds. Most of them wouldn't know the difference at 5

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    knotts berry farm
    raging waters
    chucky cheese|||Mickey D's has always been a good inexpensive choice for me.|||none of the above i think sentosa is better|||Well I was thinking chuckie cheese is for kids around the ages of maybe 4 but definetly 5 and up. Raging waters do not do until like maybe 8 or so. I dont know what knots berry farm is, but park sounds fantastic for a 3 year old. But make sure to invite lots of kids to play with your child so they can have more fun.|||At hooters!!!!!!! lol but seriously..... There's nothing wrong with a birthday at home at that age. The kid is only three.


    1. my daughter is 20 month old and she's still not walking i mean she takes some 10-12 steps on her own but she's not walking perfectly.
    2. she misses her grandparenst and her friends a lot here so i try distracting her by taking her to a park or chucky cheese can u guys suggest some other place where i can take her so that she can like her stay here she really feels lonely though i try spending most of my time with her.
    3 here in the US a ped said when she turns her neck its very funny how she does, never in india any doctor complained of that and even i never saw that.
    4 she just weights 19 pounds for a 20 month old baby she eats a healthy diet and i have no complains on she's not eating or anything its just that she's not putting on weight.
    5 n last i still breastfeed her and her ped in US is absolutely against breastfeeding she says i should stop that immediately but i'm not sure as in India her ped says you should feed till the baby is 2. i do give her whole milk too.|||If you feel comfortable breatfeeding do not stop. In the US not many mothers breast feed past 1 but it is good if you check out this website for that ok. Do what is right for your baby and look for an indian doctor that maybe more fimilar with your culutre.鈥?/a>

    As far as talking her places when my daughter was young I would take her to the library and to the planetarium they have many programs for small children and shows and it is very educational look on line for where it is in your city as well as look in the library in the childrens section for listings of play groups and she can find many friends there to play with .

    Hope that helps|||1) I started walking same time as my younger sister (1 year younger). i think i'm ok. for my neice, we had her pushed around the TV stand. and in a few days she really improved.
    2) form friends with children same age. work or apartment or neighborhood, there are other people. other children at the park?
    3) keep watching. what's the worst case?
    4) what percentile is she for age?
    5) she's eating solid foods and a decent diet right?|||Pediatrician who doesn't like breastfeeding is a lunatic. The World Health Organization says a minimum of two years. I nursed both our children for 4 years. Totally normal and healthy.|||check out gymboree! We love it! also this website is can find all sorts of things to do with your toddler.

    good luck!|||As far as the breastfeeding goes it has been determined that breast milk is no more better for a child past the age of about 6 months than anything else. Because of the lack of weight gain it is obvious your child needs more solid foods and that your breastmilk is inadequate for her. She's not healthy. The neck thing could be a result of lack of nutrients in her. I very strongly suggest you return to the doctor and have them explain EVERYTHING fully to you. You're obviously not understanding. I would suggest that you stop worrying about her missing her family back in India and concentrate on getting her healthy.


    Well we are both freshman. We have one class together which is PE. He has a nickname for me that he calls me all the time. It's chucky (like chucky cheese). He told me he only calls me that to get me mad. We text like every other day. One time we rated each other and he gave me an eight out of ten when i had given him a seven. We don't talk very often but we do talk like everyday.. Does he like me? What should i do?|||You didnt give enoguh info! people can be friends and talk all the time. and why does he call u chucky? and 8/10 isnt that great... im sorry but i think i he liked u he would rate a 10/10|||hi.
    i think that he likes you because you guys talked like every day that is what you said in the question . i think that maybe just maybe he wants to put some place between you guys so that maybe he could figure out his feelings that are growing between you two. i don't really know but that is what i think is going on.|||Well once they give you a nickname they got the hotz for you...Just Sayin

    But really he likes you and you seem like your a little in to him too. So ask him "do you like me?" and if he says "No way" just say "Yeah I thought so I was just wondering." and if he say "Well Yeah" then well you should know where to go from there


    my 2 daughters have the same birth month which is december the oldest one is december 14th and the youngest is december 9th i WOULD LOVE if someone could please tell me what day should i throw a party because im doing only 1 party for both at chucky cheese!!by the way there ages are 4 yearsold and 8 months thanks~!|||My girls are 5 and 3. Their birthdays are dec 11 and 13. I have their party on the 12th. I would suggest that you do it on a week day if possible (Chuck E Chez can be hectic on the weekend ) But the 1 yr old wont relieze its their birthday so center it this year more on the 4 year old. 1yr old partys are more for us as parents then for the kids b/c they wont remember it however your 4 yr old will. What ever day is best for you and your family is the date you should choose.|||You should do it december 12 its a saturday don't do it so close to the holidays people will probably be out shopping and won't go to the party.|||Me and my sister had our parties on the same day because mine is October 30 and hers is November 9.She always hated it, but I loved it. It is okay to do it now because they are still young, but when they get older, you should do seperate parties. Anyways the party should be on the middle day so yours would be the 12th. We always did ours on my birthday. Thats why my sister was always mad. She thought I was getting a party and not her. but they were for both of us. Just make sure they both get the same amount of attention and presents or one will get jeolous.|||It doesn't really matter what day. Whatever day works best for you. The kids aren't really going to realize what day of the week it is at this point... so if a weekend works well, do so. I have seven in my household... birthdays in January, February, April, May, 2 on the same day in August, and September. We are always having a party for at least two at the same time! =) It's all about having a good time and visiting with guests. I think you could have one family party for them all the way through... and then something special for each of them as they get older. My kids get to pick one really special thing for their birthday... one of my daughters picked dinner and a movie with just me (she was turning 7) and my older one who is about to turn 9 wants to have dinner and a pedicure with me. It's really important for the bonding time as they get older... so don't sweat the small stuff like what day to have the party at this point in time. It will all fall into place! :)|||I would do is closer to the december 14th. That daughter is older, so she will be more aware that it is her birthday and what day her birthday is. The one turning 1 won't know the difference if you have her birthday a week late. I don't know that... I might consider doing them separately though. Like the older one there, and then just a gathering at home for the little one, as that may be overwhelming for her. My children are only 1 year 4 days apart (april 29 and may 3) but we have so far kept their birthdays on their own day. That way they each get to celebrate a party. As they get older (they are now 3 and 2, so next bdays will be 4 and 3) we will let them decide, seeing as they are only one year apart they may have a lot of the same friends.


    For example, at the park, Jungle Java's, Gymboree's, Chucky Cheese, etc...|||No. That's silly. They are everywhere.|||I'm not a SAHM, so I know I have no business answering. But I am a public librarian who sees SAHDs occassionally. I think it's great. I would hope, if I were a SAHM, that I would be be kind, friendly, and inclusive to SAHDs.|||I have no problem with them; what, are they going to attack? of course not. Now, if there was attraction or something, then I'd at least think the SAHD would re-think his marriage. I know as a SAHM that I'm not the least bit interested in SAHD's.|||SEVEN!|||no comprende la lengua!

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  • My fingers get really grubby because of my Chucky Cheese habits.....

    I touched her curtain and now it's really grubby how do I clean it?|||Take it down and put it in the washer machine on gental.